Show the love of Jesus through mentorship

  Sep 30, 2015   admin

One of the ways that we show the love of Jesus is through mentorship.

I am going to share pieces of a conversation I had with a staff and a youth who are in a mentorship relationship.

“Tell me about your relationship?”

JE: “He is a good friend. He gives me a stable foundation; which helps me deal with my problems and become a better person.”

JC: “Our relationship is based on mutual respect and trust. Whenever, we meet we usually eat, talk about life (he shares what is going on in his life and I share parts of my life with him), read the bible, and pray.”

“What would your life be like without the other person in it?”

JE: “I would still be organizing other young people to terrorize Spokane and perform other criminal acts, which I don’t do now. Also, I would still be doing drugs.”

JC: “My life would be a lot more boring.”

“What is the biggest thing you have learned from the other person?”

JE: “I am learning to accept the Bible. Also, I am learning to care for people in a more healthy way, rather, than my usual violent tendencies.”

JC: “I am learning a lot from him. I am not quite sure how to put it. 1) Honesty and telling it like it is. 2) Loyalty. He is very loyal. Even to the point of damaging himself. 3) Taking responsibility and ownership of my actions. 4) Being intentional about the actions I take. It seems he doesn’t do anything without thinking about it and the consequences. Even if the consequences are negative to me. They may not seem bad to him and he does the behavior anyway. I am sure there is more I am learning but that is all I can think of right now.”

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