Partner With Us

There are many ways that individuals, families, and small groups can serve at Cup of Cool Water.

Serve Our Staff and Mission

Donate money.

At CCW, we stretch every dollar as far as we can, and we’re grateful for every penny that you donate.

Donate here.

Buy a shirt.

Our ultra soft logo t-shirts are a great way to show the world you love Cup of Cool Water.


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Donate office supplies and general items.

  • Printer: Brother TN-750
  • Copy paper
  • #10 security envelopes – double window – 500 count
  • Guitar strings, tuning pegs, tuner
  • Gift certificates: Froyo, Starbucks
  • 2-hour bus passes
  • Trash bags: 30-gallon and kitchen size
  • Stamps

Donate basic need items.

  • Razors
  • Paper plates
  • Ranch dressing
  • Cups – hot/cold
  • Large wool blankets
  • Jam and jelly
  • Deodorant
  • Men’s jeans sizes 30-34
  • Socks
  • Underwear – size 30-34 boxers for men, size 5-7 bikini cut for women
  • Bras – sizes 32-36, A-C
  • Men’s coats
  • Men’s shoes and boots – sizes 10+
  • Women's shoes and boots
  • Women’s and girls’ pants – sizes 0-8
  • Sweatpants
  • Feminine hygiene items
  • Hairbrushes

Serve on our board of directors.
Time commitment: attend monthly 2-hour meeting

  • Establish CCW policies.
  • Monitor CCW operations to ensure the integrity of our operations and the effective realization of our goals and objectives.

Help us facilitate our special events.
Time commitment: 1-10+ hours per month

  • Plan, coordinate, and oversee fundraising events.

Help us communicate with your church.
Time commitment: 5 hours per month

  • Function as primary contact person from your congregation.
  • Communicate with CCW staff to receive updates about our organization.
  • Share CCW updates with your church.

Provide administrative assistance.
Time commitment: 1-4+ hours per month

  • Assist CCW staff with basic office tasks (no experience necessary).

Help us clean.
Time commitment: varies

  • Help keep CCW’s building a safe, healthy, and welcoming environment for the youth who come in.

Help us serve lunch.
Time commitment: approximately 3 hours per month

  • Work with a team of people you know to plan, provide, and prepare lunches for 20 people.

Help us serve dinner.
Time commitment: approximately 3 hours per month

  • Work with a team of people you know to plan, provide, prepare, and serve an evening meal at CCW to 30 people.

Become a prayer partner.
Time commitment: approximately 1 hour per week

  • Commit to pray regularly for both the ministry and for one youth, whose real name will not be given but whose circumstances will be described to you.
  • A staff member will send monthly updates about this youth to help guide your prayers.

Serve Our Youth

Volunteers provide positive role models needed to empower street youth to make healthy choices and see Jesus Christ in a tangible way. When we have many volunteers, each person is able to work with a small number of youth and not risk burnout.

Become an outreach volunteer. Time commitment: approximately 4 hours per week

  • Exit the four walls of CCW’s building and spend time with youth on their turf, primarily in the evenings.
  • Share sack lunches and popsicles or hot cocoa with youth, and invite new youth to CCW.

Become a drop-in volunteer.
Time commitment: approximately 4 hours per week

  • Hang out with youth at CCW’s drop-in center, either in the afternoons or for dinner.
  • Aid youth in accessing services like laundry, showers, food, and clothing, board games, or conversation.

Become an educational service volunteer.
Time commitment: 1+ hour per week

  • Work alongside youth in our bike shop.
  • Help with a class of whimsy (where we teach skills and develop interests).
  • Dialogue with youth during a Bible study.
  • Propose a new idea for a skill you’d like to teach.

If you’d like to work directly with our youth, you need to:

  1. Be at least 19 years old.
  2. Complete a volunteer application. This includes a statement of faith and character references.
  3. Participate in an interview.
  4. Pass a federal background check. Anyone with a felony conviction will be unable to work directly with our youth.
  5. Attend volunteer training.

Complete a volunteer application