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Youth Advocate


Ty is fun and energetic, especially when he is working along side youth. Though he joined the team in 2019, he is no stranger to youth ministry. Ty has been serving at his local church for more than 12 years in music and youth ministry programs. He has a love for mentoring youth, but adults as well through music and what God has placed inside specific songs to guide them through hard times. In his free time he is often skating around skate-parks, hanging out with his church life group, going to local car meets, or up on stage playing guitar for his church. 

Youth Advocate


David has been working with youth and bicycles since 2008. He began working at an after school program mentoring middle and high school students who were predominately first and second generation immigrants living in the Pico-Union neighborhood of Los Angeles. This was important to him because his parents lived in the same neighborhood when they first arrived from El Salvador escaping the civil war. Since then, David has chosen to invest in similar populations serving a diverse population of low-income youth. David has extensive experience working with youth and a passion for all things bikes and cycling.

Youth Advocate


Michelle joined the Cup of Cool Water team in November 2017.  She has a passion for working with and empowering youth.  In addition to her Youth Advocate role at CCW, she is also the College Coordinator for Young Life at Eastern Washington University. In her free time she spends time hanging out with her husband and her dogs, going on country drives with an iced coffee, and being out in nature enjoying God's beauty! 

Administrative Assistant

Dr. Mark Terrell

Dr. Mark Terrell is the Founder and Spiritual Director at Cup of Cool Water. Over the years he's worn many hats at CCW - he hangs out with youth during drop-in, helps with donor development, and provides Spiritual Direction for the staff and volunteers as they process how God is working in their life. Mark has a undergraduate degree in psychology from Whitworth University, a Doctorate of Ministry from Bakke Graduate University, and a Certificate of Training in Spiritual Direction from Soul Formation. When not at CCW, he has a lot fun hanging out with his family, hiking/backpacking, riding his bike, working in their yard, daydreaming, doing the dishes, and taking naps.

Founder & Spiritual Director


Jeremy Clark joined the Cup of Cool Water team in 2013 as a Youth Advocate.  Since that time he's taken on roles of increased responsibility including the position of Volunteer Coordinator, and most recently he accepted the position of Program Director. Jeremy has a Masters of Arts in Theology which he earned from Whitworth University where he also completed his undergraduate studies. Jeremy is married to his wife Holly and together they have a daughter named Eleanor. He enjoys rock climbing, hiking, running, gardening and spending time with his family.

Program Director

Blake R. Waltman

​Blake, affectionately known by the nickname Randy, took the helm as Executive Director in January 2017.  Randy is married to Debbie and together they have three children Daniel, Sarah and Luke.  Randy is a retired Army officer and finished his career in 2015 teaching leadership at Claremont McKenna College and Azusa Pacific University with the Army ROTC program there.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences from Campbell University and a Master’s of Business Administration from Azusa Pacific University.  Randy is an outdoor enthusiast who loves running, hiking, cycling, and spending time with his family and their pets. Lastly, he yearns for any excuse to have a BBQ.

Executive Director

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