Section I: Personal Data & Availability


AVAILABILITY: Please select the days & times you are available to volunteer.

I am available to volunteer during the DAY on the following  weekdays.

I am available to volunteer during the EVENINGS on the following weekdays.

Section II: Christian Testimony & Service

How long have you attended this church?

Do you believe Jesus Christ to be the Son of God, and have you accepted him as your  personal Savior and LORD according to Romans 10:10-13? If yes when did you make that commitment?

Section III: General

Where is your emotional and spiritual support coming from at this time?

What is your understanding of the purpose and goals of Cup of Cool Water?

Describe your understanding of the relationship between evangelism and social services.

Describe how you interact and relate to someone in your life who is actively involved in behaviors that are harmful to themselves.

How do you feel you can contribute to the CCW ministry team?  To the kids?

Section IV: Statement of Faith


Statement of Faith

We believe in one God, Creator, and Lord of the Universe, the Trinity: Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.


We believe that Jesus Christ, God’s Son, was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary and lived a sinless life.  He died on the cross, removing our guilt and reconciling us to God. He rose bodily from the dead and ascended into heaven where He is the only mediator between God and man.


We believe that all Scripture is inspired by God and is profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, for training in righteousness, that the believer may be adequately equipped for every good work.


We believe in one holy, universal and apostolic Church, which is called to worship God, preach the Gospel, make disciples, promote righteousness and justice, and relieve human need.


We believe the Holy Spirit persuades us to repent of our sins, renews our hearts, and causes the Church and its people to grow in Christian maturity.


We believe that Christ will return to raise the dead, judge all people and establish His  glorious Kingdom.


Note: Cup of Cool Water (CCW) believes that it is critical to its ministry and mission that those who engage in the work of CCW, at all levels of responsibility, be Christians, who accept and agree with the Statement of Faith (provided above).  Thus, I affirm and agree that I am a Christian, and I wholeheartedly agree and accept the Statement of Faith. I also affirm and agree that, if my religious beliefs change in any way that would affect the affirmation made in this document, I will immediately inform my supervisor and be prepared to resign from Cup of Cool Water.

Section V: References

Please list three people who have known you longer than one year and their contact information.  We will mail or email your references.  When they return the reference form it will become part of your volunteer packet.

Reference 1: Teacher or Work Supervisor

Reference 2: Pastor or Spiritual Mentor

Reference 3: Christian Friend (Not Family)